In the Spotlight with Chris Daly

Second under our spotlight is Chris Daly, Managing Director of IPP Mardale and IPP SMS. Here he discusses where he aims to project IPPM and the new acquisition, IPP SMS.

Welcome to the second IPP Group In The Spotlight interview, introducing Chris Daly, Managing Director IPP Mardale and IPP Specialised Machine Services.

Chris became involved with Mardale whilst in his own business, Florite Fittings which he started in 2005. When IPP acquired Mardale in 2010, it was a natural progression for Chris to take up a leading role as part of the acquisition and become an integral member of the IPP Group.

Today, Chris is Managing Director of both IPP Mardale and, the recently acquired, IPP Specialised Machine Services. Chris has strong technical expertise, a good eye for quality and is commercially astute, a man with a strong work ethic and an ability to make things happen. We took time out of his busy schedule this week to find out, just how, IPP Mardale is at the cut and thrust of Getting It Right.


Q. Chris tell us, where does IPP Mardale fit within the world-wide supply chain?

A. We are the front-runner, leading the industry in Quality and Technical expertise. We are defining customer requirements, what is commercially available, technically feasible and meeting our customer’s demands. IPPM is a closely connected, strong team working together to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our team help to make us what we are today, something that I am personally very proud about.

Q. It is an unstable market at the moment, how is IPPM maintaining ground and moving forwards?

A. Look around the Oil & Gas industry, companies are down-sizing, reducing costs and overheads, having a real impact on the supply chain. IPP Mardale has continued to grow, year on year and we have always been keen to re-invest profits back into the business.

We are continuing with our growth and expansion plans and making some bold moves including the recent acquisition of Specialised Machine Services in Deeside. SMS fits perfectly with IPPM and fully complements the groups focus on being a full turnkey supplier.

Jared Ayres and the management team have made some gutsy decisions which we believe will secure the growth of the group worldwide, to bolster the supply chain moving forwards.

Q. How are you positioning IPPM and IPPSMS?

A. We are concentrating on meeting market demand, carrying the right stocks to meet customers’ requirements, coupled with a strong project management team, this enables us to supply full turnkey fabrication solutions. Our focus as always shall remain on leading-edge technology, technical expertise and quality assurance –Getting It Right!

Q. Is there anything you would change or do differently in hindsight?

A. I think IPP Mardale has Got It Right, we are in an enviable position and meeting our targets. Perhaps if I could change one thing though, it seems that IPP Mardale is considered solely for subsea white metals when in fact we supply and manufacture across the whole material range including cladding.

Q. What do you think will grow more quickly in future, Topside or Subsea?

A. The global Oil & Gas industry is changing and the competition for reserves has increased, forcing companies to drill in more remote and inhospitable locations. Current Oil prices are turbulent to say the least and this is leading to the pursuit of alternative energy sources, i.e Shale, oil sands and Bio Fuels which have been growing during the last two years.

The industry will regain its ground, but I’m not sure if it will ever return to the way it was. The Subsea market is quieter than it has been, but IPPM and IPPSMS are extremely well positioned to maintain growth.

Q. Chris, can you tell us something about yourself that most people may be surprised to know?

A. There is not much about me people don’t know, however, I did go back-packing around Australia and SE Asia in my younger days. Whilst in Australia, apart from welding jobs to pay my way, I was also a furniture remover – Mr Shift It!