In the Spotlight with Helen Simcox

Helen talks to us about her role as a Managing Director and how she is managing her team towards IPP-Getting it Right…

Introducing Helen Simcox, Joint Managing Director IPP Europe, IPP Scomark SPI and IPP Scomark Engineering.

Helen Simcox has 25 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Supply chain and for the most part has worked alongside Jared Ayres, supporting his business growth in the industry.

Helen has managed the logistics and customer service roles for IPP Group since its inception in 2006. Those roles have prepared her for the new challenge and promotion to joint Managing Director, which she discusses in her interview today.


Q. What is it about the O&G Supply Chain that has held your interest for all these years?
A. Within this industry you learn something new every day, there are so many on-going challenges with such an up-tempo industry that each day is different.

Q. What is it like to support an industry powerhouse such as Jared Ayres?
A. From conception, it was Jared and I. Over the years I have continued to support him and his business, and although I find it very demanding, it is extremely satisfying. Jared is very supportive and challenges me to strengthen the company and push with progression, and therefore continually develop myself.

Q. IPP has certainly enjoyed exponential growth. How have your roles impacted on that growth?
A. Due to the fact that I have worked across all areas of the company, I have experienced how the company works across all levels, providing me with the experience and knowledge to be able to pass on my skill sets, to new and existing employees, to continue to growth of IPP Group. The fact that I share Jared’s vision of IPP Group’s projected target helps to drive my team towards the overall goal.

Q. In such a diverse industry with constant changes in demand, how does IPP Europe ensure it meets customers’ expectations?
A. By employing experienced people within their field and supporting them in their growth, ensures that we have a strong team who all function together and alongside each other, ultimately to the same goal. A second major factor is the ability to listen and respond to customer comments and taking these on board whilst moving forward. This ensures that all customer expectations are met and exceeded.

Q. As the new joint MD, what are some of the goals you have for the business going forwards?
A. My main aim is to continue to improve across all areas of the business. You can never be complacent in this industry, so look to constantly adapt and change to ensure we are always in front of our competition. Continually pushing boundaries and be the driving force behind production and throughout the offices.

Q. What has been your biggest personal challenge within the industry?
A. Keeping up to date with all of the industry information, I need to stay ahead of each department and know what is required before they do, which is very challenging. This covers all HSE and technical aspects whilst remaining focused on the day to day running and efficiency of the office.

Q. Where would you position IPP Group in the next 2-3 years?
A. Simply, to be the number one manufacturer of fittings and stockists of pipe, fittings and flanges worldwide, with a strong reputation for on time deliveries and focus on a positive customer service.

Q. Tell us one thing that would surprise people to know about you?
A. I used to swim for the county and was picked as a reserve to swim for England. Also, I enjoy the odd open water swim.