IPP Group – Getting it Right – At the Top

IPP Group is pleased to announce their new Joint Managing Directors. This will ensure the day to day management and operations of IPP will ensure strong growth and excellent service.

IPP is pleased to announce Ian Crabtree and Helen Simcox are now Joint Managing Directors effective immediately.

Ian and Helen both have more than 20 years of experience and are well connected and highly respected in the industry. Through their unique blend of skills and knowledge, the day to day management and operation of IPP will ensure strong growth and excellent service.

During an internal review, Jared Ayres Group CEO, reflected on the 9 years since IPP started out as a 2 person operation, working from a converted garage in Staffordshire. A visionary entrepreneur, Jared understood that the exponential growth at IPP could only be continued, if day to day management structure changed, in order to capitalise on the strengths and skills of key managers within the business.

Jared believes that 2014 was a year of reflection and reconciliation and with new insight into the highs and lows, the successes and the short-comings within the group, a new strategy has emerged for 2015, the year of IPP – Getting It Right