IPP GROUP to recreate jobs in Scotland!

IPP are delighted to announce that as of the 1 October 2017, they will be reopening the special hot forging and flange facility in Broxburn.

The forging plant originally set up as Forth Valley Engineering and then subsequently NOV has stood idle for the best part of a year and IPP secured all the forging assets so that the business now can again be operated as a going concern.

The site will be run by former Forth Valley director Stewart Grant who has a wealth of experience in manufacturing quality hot forged fittings and special flanges for high pressure applications. Stewart has been able to recruit many of the existing team who are delighted to have been given the chance again use their specialist skills which they have gained over their lifetime. The business will initially recreate 6 positions increasing to 15 over the next 6months.


IPP will now be able to offer an enhanced range of products including hot forged BW fittings upto 24″ in a range of materials including carbon steel, high yield, stainless, duplexes and all special grades of materials.

The business will also become the number one manufacturer in Europe of manifold fittings which encompasses long sweep and double back fittings in primarily 4130 materials.

For more information contact IPP Group on +44 (0) 1283 722 000 or email us at sales@ippgrp.com