Meet Bilal Kardame– New Director of Sales and Business Development for IPP Group based in the GCC & the Africa Regions.

IPP are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Bilal Kardame as our new Director of Sales and Business Development for GCC and Africa regions

Bilal has many years of experience in this sector and we really are looking forward to working with him as he spearheads IPP activities within the region.

We have caught up with Bilal to find out more about him and his move to IPP Group as well as his plans & what he likes to get up to when he’s not at work!

Bilal Kardame
Director of Sales & Business Development (GCC & Africa)
IPP Group

Bilal, tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born and have grown up in the gulf all of my life. Right from my 1st job (Al Kafaa), I remain in the supply industry of piping materials for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector of GCC and have met and worked with people of all different nationalities and understood their culture.

I like to look at details closely in every aspect of life & would like to ensure that those fine details in any given situation are not missed thus not to miss out on opportunities or incur a loss.

When your not at work….

I have a wife and two teenage children and I doubt you will find a more football fanatic family – with each of us a fan of a different premiere league team. (Which can be fun on the weekends!)

With two weather windows in the gulf, from May to September with the weather 40+ degrees, we find ourselves indoors, making the most of the cooler weather between November and April, you will find myself and my wife enjoy walking in the Mangroves or taking out my Durango RT to race at Yas circuit.

But the kids always get priority on days off, either taking them to football and rugby games!


How did you first learn about IPP Group

Before working at IPP Group I was a Director of Sales Director of Sales & Business Development at Emirates Falcon in Abu Dhabi.

I was introduced to IPP by a common friend, Joelle Greenwood of Salzgitter Mannesmann, I think almost 8 years ago now.

I knew Jared and the IPP Group, myself and Jared both have family in South Africa and the UK, which gave me a feeling of familiarity and a feeling of working for a home company – it was a great opportunity to join the group and a good project provided by Jared & GCC being the playground to exercise my experience and contacts, it just made sense. So finally came to work with them in April 2021!

What is your role at IPP?

A challenging one!

To successfully build the brand of IPP in the GCC countries & South Africa.

But with Covid-19 and the pandemic, business has changed for everyone globally. It has changed the traditional style of business activities, so its adapting to this, while building the brand.

Initially I will be focusing on increasing sales and profitability in the region and positioning IPP to become permanent choice in the supply chain to deliver Nickel based Alloy tubes, pipes & fittings to all types of clients & projects in the Middle East and Africa.

What do you like most about your job/working at IPP

I’m still getting my bearings right now & aligning workflow due to the time difference but working with a highly experienced, motivated & enthusiastic team makes the job further interesting.

I feel that I will really enjoy working at IPP as I have been given the opportunity to exercise my experience and contacts to the fullest and in a very wide area.

Soon we will be faced with lots of challenges and exercising these challenges by identifying, understanding, structuring & planning for execution, I foresee it to go very well, especially when working for a boss who speaks the same supply chain and material language as me!

What are your hopes for our industry/IPP?

Very much optimistic about the recovery in the oil demand and seeing the post – pandemic gradual Oil & Gas market recovery due to increase investment in the upstream sector which is supported by the local government policies.

The investments and policies for the new oilfields will be the dominant driver of the oil & gas market in the GCC thus creating lots of supply opportunities for IPP thus firmly establishing the company as a permanent supply chain partner in the upcoming projects in the GCC region.

And finally what are your top career lessons you’ve learned so far:

– Always believe when it’s written in black & white.
– Do not underestimate anybody who you meet.
– Always listen more than you speak.
– Never to make a decision when upset, angry or sad.

“I would like to thank Jared in providing me with a perfect opportunity to exercise and utilize my experience, contacts & to implement ideas which I have gained over my career in my forthcoming tenure at IPP to develop the company, clients & business.”

Bilal Kardame
Director Sales & Business Development GCC & Africa

T    +44 (0) 1283 722000
M  +971 56 957 6487