Rob Leacy is In The Spotlight

IPP Group continues with its In The Spotlight interviews exploring the great work put in by individuals, helping to make IPP a global success and a great place to work.

In the Spotlight

Today’s In The Spotlight interview is focusing on our sales department, which is fronted by IPP Group Sales Director, Rob Leacy.

Rob has over 10 years within the Oil & Gas industry and has never shied away from hard labour. A recommendation from a friend to get involved with Mardale saw Rob land his first role in the oil and gas sector, before working his way up to sales executive, to manager and then finally to his current role of Group Sales Director. Rob’s enthusiastic approach to sales has enabled him to achieve his own personal goals as well as improve the business as a whole.


Q. How did you first get involved with IPP?

A. I originally worked at Mardale Pipes Plus Ltd, I worked on the shop floor and this enabled me to build up a very concrete product knowledge, I understood all of the areas from testing and certification. The current Directors obviously saw potential because they then offered me an opportunity to go into the sales department. I went on to become sales manager and was relocated to Aberdeen to further my contact and knowledge base. To broaden my scope, I went to work for a competitor and soon ended up back where I belonged, with a role within the IPP Group – I joined as sales manager, but due to far exceeding my targets within the first few months, I was offered directorship.

Q. During quieter business periods, how do you actively motivate your sales team, in order to increase sales whilst maintaining morale?

A. Due to having worked my way up through the business, I completely understand how my team would be thinking. I use my experience to help to micro-manage them across a wide spread personality range. Everyone works differently and therefore you have to adapt to how you manage each person. I constantly provide support and I am more actively involved with a hands on approach. I get to know my team first and work out how to manage them to receive optimum results.

Q. IPP have recently repositioned themselves, how have you adapted your ethos in order to encourage drive towards IPP’s goal of getting it right?

A. A main factor is ensuring all technical and commercial quotes are correctly interpreted from the primary stages. Also, the speed of purchasing has had to change and adapt in order to ensure we maintain on time deliveries.

Q. You have many years’ experience within this industry and this has no doubt strengthened your sales and management. The key to a strong team, is a strong leader, would you say you confidently pass your knowledge on to enhance and strengthen your team?

A. To put it simply, yes. I adopt a one to one management approach with each member of the team, to give them more support when they need it. I pride myself on knowing each individual member of the team and confidently assess their attributes to help them to build and grow.

Q. If you were a customer and had communication with your sales team, what areas would you improve?

A. I believe our sales background is second to none and I am very confident in the sales department, we just need to ensure we continually build on our product knowledge in order to remain ahead of the industry and to ensure we can help advise customers with even the most stringent requirements.

Q. How are leading the sales department towards IPP – Getting it Right?

A. We constantly liaise with the technical and business development departments to ensure we are consistent from enquiry stages straight through to order stage. All technical and commercial aspects are considered to be undertaken and continuous training of product knowledge will help to continue to drive IPP to getting it right, resulting in a bigger stronger company. Each and every member of the IPP Group team actively works together to contribute to IPP Getting it Right. We are all part of a team and work alongside each other to ensure consistent relationships are built with anyone who deals with us. This strengthens our reputation and ensures we are constantly driving towards becoming the number one manufacturer of fittings and stockists of pipe, fittings and flanges worldwide, with a strong reputation for on time deliveries and focus on a positive customer service.

Q. What might people be surprised to know about you?

A. I am very family orientated and enjoy spending my spare time with them and playing the occasional game of golf, socialising with friends.